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This Unix and Linux Specialist has a lot of international work experience. He has worked in The Dutch Antilles and several places in Australia. In 2000 during the Olympics in Sydney, he was part of the IBM team that created and run one of the most complex infrastructures and made sure that fans worldwide could connect with Olympic Athletes.

As an IT professional he has proved to be an excellent worker who is always keen on learning and improving his skills. Hence his certifications and courses, something he spends a lot of his spare time with.

In his spare time he also enjoys travelling, making weekend trips to Frankfurt for example. He does a lot of bicycling, fitness and likes to visit festivals. Working with computers is still his number one hobby.

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Unix and Linux Specialist | Infrastructure Specialist | Senior Technical Consultant

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Work Experience
short summary:

Unix and Linux Specialist and Architect at IBM, the Netherlands
Duration: 2.5 years
Defining a complete new way of provisioning Linux VMs in the IBM Cloud. As a bare RedHat Linux VM was handed over from the international operating IBM CMS (Cloud Management System) team, all kinds of provisioning needed to be done. This is a completely new way of working for the Unix department. He developed and wrote scripts for installing OS wrappers (agents), securing the system, file system installation, central sudo distribution, kernel changes and connecting the Linux VMs to Windows Active Directory for Single Sign-On (based on Kerberos and Samba). Maintaining and installation of all these VMs via RES Automation via many scripts.
Infrastructure Specialist AIX / Linux, Sydney, Australia
Duration: 2 years and 3 months
Unix team-lead for the Transformation and Transition project; migrating more than 100 AIX LPARs, HP-UX and Linux (Red Hat) servers from the customer data centers to HP data centers. Writing migration plans, order and install additional hardware. Installing HP tooling (HPOA, HPSA) and backup software DataProtector (DP).
Senior Consultant AIX / HP-UX / Linux, the Netherlands
Duration: 2 years and 3 months
SME (Subject Matter Expert) role.
Member of the Midrange Unix NL team, looking after 800 Unix systems (AIX, HP-UX and Linux) for customer
Supporting the BAU (Business As Usual) team as being the main focal point; a team of almost 30 people locally and in India.
Senior Technical Consultant – AIX, Brisbane, Australia
Duration: 2 years and 3 months
Member of the Technical Assurance team to control and approve changes related to AIX.
Installed and maintained several AIX V5.3 LPARs on a p570 running Oracle.
Installed and maintained HACMP V5.4
Installed and maintained a p510 with VIO, AIX V6.1, V5.3 and SuSE.
Write standards and work instructions regarding AIX install, maintenance and improvements for the existing p690 and the newly to be installed p570 and SAN connected disks.
Senior Unix Consultant , Sydney, Australia
Duration: 6 months
Technical lead over a group of 6 people.
Configure and maintain SAN Volume Controller (SVC).
Configure and maintain fail-over (DR) software (HACMP/XD).
Work closely with project team regarding new installation of hardware and software for customers.
Work closely with customers regarding improvement of (Unix) processes and services.
Certified pSeries Specialist, Sydney, Australia
Duration: 3 years
Still ongoing consultancy regarding technical support, maintenance and guidance.
Senior Unix Systems Administrator, Brisbane, Australia
Duration: 1 year and 7 months
Technical lead role in transition from 4 frame IBM SP system with SAP/DB2 and Oracle into two P690 with 4000 users
Senior Unix Specialist and Instructor (contractor), Sydney, Australia
Duration: 1 year
AIX SP2 Specialist for the Olympic Games at Sydney: AIX administrator for 4 SP Frames with DNS, HACMP ( fail-over), TSM ( backup), Switch router
Unix Specialist, the Netherlands
Duration: 1 year and 7 months
Responsible for the following:
Providing technical Unix and Windows support to users of the “Bonus-point” project
Writing Unix programs (ksh, C and Perl) for batch control (BMC Control-M), checking and reporting purposes
IT and Unix Specialist (employee), Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles
Duration: 3 years and 5 months
Sell and market RS/6000s
Installation, migrating, upgrading and give customer support to RS/6000s and its peripherals
PC LAN Specialist, DIV-ITS (Automation department of the Government - Information Technology Services), Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles
Duration: 1 year
Implement and administer Novell NetWare and IBM OS/2 LAN Server networks
Implement and administer RS/6000's
Giving support to all kinds of hardware platforms: PCs, printers, servers, bridges, gateways, RS/6000s, dial-in boxes, and modems

Year Course
2016 RedHat RHCSA certification
2015 IBM UrbanCode Deploy
2013 HP Operations Orchestration
2013 HP-UX Admin for experienced Unix Admins HP
2011 VIO, NPIV and virtualisation
2008 CCNA certification
2007 ITIL V3 Foundation
2006 Linux LPIC 117-101/102 certification
2005 IBM @server pSeries Technical University
2005 Cisco CCNA Intro certification Cisco
2004 Certified pSeries AIX Administrator (CATE certified)
2004 IBM @server pSeries Technical University
2004 DB2 Database Administration
2003 AIX 5L Implementation Differences + LPAR
2001 Sun Solaris courses
1999 C-language
1997 IBM Server Systems Technical Training IBM
(Citrix) WinCenter Pro for Windows NT Administrators
1996 IBM Server Systems Technical Training
AIX V4 Advanced System Administration
1995 Oracle + Oracle DBA K+V van Alphen
Token-Ring Problem Isolating Workshop
OS/2 LAN Server Performance Workshop
ITIL Essentials
1994 Novell NetWare update V3 to V4
CNE-training 4U
1993 Windows in a network IIR Technology
Windows for Workgroups
Novell Security
Novell NetWare Advanced for administrators
Novell NetWare for administrators
1992 Microsoft OS/2 System Support
Microsoft LAN Manager, Administration
Microsoft LAN Manager, Operation
Q&A update V3 to V4 Kern Informatica
1991 UNIX AT Computing
Advanced PC extensions and maintenance IIR Technology
Q&A Kern Informatica

He is available for 40 hours a week and has a month notice.

Reference number: 000438

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